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Hi All


Not sure if an idea has already been created for this.


It would be nice to have the option of being able to select a voter that will vote on your behalf when you are not available.


example...An approver might want to go on vacation and delegate this task to someone else.


I think it would be a good idea if the approver could have the option of setting this themselves in self service as well (under My Profile maybe).


Change Management Delegation of Authority

Delegate to: Drop down list that includes a list of all users.  A 1st prize would be if the TI Admin could add a list of delegates to the users profile when creating / editing the user.  example.  John is an approver.  When john is created as a user the TI admin has the option of adding a list of delegates to his profile.  So when John wants to delegate someone else to this task via self service, he doesn't have to select an approver from the entire list of users but just the list linked to his profile.  Adding delegates to a users profile from the admin console could be done in the same way that approvers are currently added when creating a change policy.  We could substitute the word Approvers with something like Delegates.

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