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Provide an option to trigger FTS re-indexing of a specific record, on a join form.

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This is a follow up on  Case 00164345 (Unable to Force FTS Reindexing for external update)


A record is updated "externally" (using direct SQL update), for a knowledge article (overlaying existing OOTB filter)

The reason is that the OOTB filter causes update of the modification date (and modifying user). This is undesirable, when the knowledge article has only been used or viewed.

When this is done ("External update"), the record is not being FTS-indexed.


We have customized the RKM search results to show the article's use count. Updating use and view counts are done "externally" to avoid date modification.


The process Application-FTS-Reindex-Form does not work for a join form, unless used to re-index the whole table. Full table re-index every time a Knowledge article is being viewed is not a feasible option.

Application-FTS-Reindex-Form process should be enhanced to work also for join forms. Knowledge articles (as implemented by OOTB RKM) are join forms.





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