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Approval tasks instead of approval on Incident or change combined with record sharing for approval

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I would like to raise this idea based on experience with many customers. We currently build this in based on request by the customer, but actually shoudl be standard



When an incident or change is build from templates with many tasks, all the tasks will fire directly even before that record is approved. This leads to the start of implementation tasks while approval has not yet taken care of. (It doesn't really matter if you take task execution order in mind or not).


The result is business risks and bad planning, more issue etc etc


Suggested solution that we have in place with some of our customers:

We show or all related tasks in a status of "Pending", or just show the tasks based on the execution order. The task structure is set as follows to make sure that we take the right steps for succesfull changes in systems:

What you see here is that we work with Approval Tasks. Based on a trigger we start the approval automatically when the approval tasks is starting (example step 2 and 5). When the task is set to a Status of Opened the record will be submitted for approval. On Rejection we auto close the task, and make sure that the next tasks get Cancelled or deleted. On approval we close the Task and set the next task to assigned. That way assignment can only take place when the record is actually approved. Approval or rejection, will result in an insert of action in the history of the parent record.


On top, when an approval is set to a manager, or a delegate, with the code we can make sure that they can see this record based on Apex sharing that is in place. So no more insufficient access.



  • Only approvals on task level, no incident, change etc approvals anymore
  • Structured task visibility and assignment
  • It almost forces customers to work with tasks and better understand risk/impact and steps that need to be taken care of.
  • Better in line for processes
  • Record visibility, no more insuffient access for manager, delegate etc.
  • Etc etc




Benefit here is that next tasks only become visible when the record is actually approved. This will prevent that Rejected, or not yet approved records will be implemented already by technical teams that see the tasks already.




Paul Donders


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