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Smart Reporting: Please update to the most current Reporting Engine Yellowfin 7.2

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While Smart-Reporting has been a huge leap forward compared to BIRT reporting there are still some features missing in the reporting engine.

With ITSM 9.0 and 9.1 the Yellowfin version 7.1 is used. That version has been the most current one at the time ITSM 9 went GA.

Meanwhile a newer version has been released by Yellowfin, version 7.2. What may look like a minor version change only, has actually introduced very important changes and long awaited new features.


Beyond the new features like Business Workflow, new connectors,  forecasting and trend analysis there are several enhancements which are important to the BMC Remedy ITSM realm.


  • Highly improved user interface with new look & feel, more intuitive menus, options, feature selection. Many enhancements in details (e.g. date picker, scheduler)
  • Ability to compare columns in reports and visualize the result
  • Improved filter options with lots of enhancements and better usability
  • New filter formatting including a new interface for setting‐up dependent filters
  • Restyled filter panel
  • New Left Side Navigation Menu which is much more user friendly
  • Several enhancements for exporting reports
    • Rebuilt PDF exporter to match look & feel of on-screen report more closely
    • New SFTP option to be security compliant
    • Support for xlsx and docx format
  • Performance improvements due to new options when output is created and presented
  • ... and many more good features


You may want to have a look at this: Yellowfin 7.2 Launch Webinar - YouTube


Idea: Please provide the new Yellowfin 7.2 version (or newer) as soon as possible with the BMC Remedy ITSM suite.

Thank you


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