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Expecting already existing Oracle homes on an onboarded database server/vm in CLM 4.1 and above

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@ Hartford Fire Insurance Company the customer expects us to identify existing oracle homes if any on an onboarded database server VM in CLM 4.1 and later.

They often need multiple databases existing of different oracle versions on the same vm host. Like they can end up having multiple Oracle 11G or 12C or 12 CDB databases on the same virtual machine.

To cater such situation they expect CLM to identify any existing oracle homes on the onboarded vm in CLM and then decide further course of action like if 11G home exists and there is a request to provision 2nd 11G home then it should identify that like it does already locally in BDA but not in CLM and use the same home.

And if there is a request to provision 12C db then new home should be created or likewise.


I think this specific need can be treated as an enhancement in our IaaS and PaaS providers functionality.


Today we have created post deploy actions (PDA) in CLM by giving a number of option choices by attaching the create new home or use existing home BDA templates published for CLM as software package using IaaS provider each to the option choices.

But because CLM doesn't have an idea about already existing oracle homes its bound to a hard coded oracle home path only and if an onboarded database vm doesn't have the templated orahome path then the intention about using pre existing home is failed. Hence the customer expects this feature incorporated in the IaaS,PaaS providers.





Ajit Dharap

On behalf of Hartford Fire Insurance Company.


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