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TrueSight Infrastucture Management (BPPM) History with ITDA

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We need to have ITDA go back to BPPM, and collect the updated information of an event, say when it is closed/resolved.  Once the event is collected in ITDA, It is static.  This has some uses, but when it comes to reporting it really limits it uses.   Because we get so many events within our organization in a day we usually can only keep a history of 3 days within BPPM if the event is closed.  We would like to be able to do something where if the event is closed in BPPM that it would update ITDA with all of the new information even if it has to create a new log entry or something distinguishing it that it is an updated event.


Often times, the Incident number, or some other type of post-processing is missing.  Also if the event was in blackout during that time period if was collected, but later came out of blackout and generated an incident.  There are times we hold onto the blackout event to wait for a reversal.


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