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Introduce "recently used" list when selecting targets

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I've Always been one of the guys managing the Bladelogic Infrastructure, but the lastfew mont's i've been working on the other side for another project. I was using Bladelogic as a real user, not using my cli knowlege to make my job easier


What about a recently used list?


Many times I've found myself deploying multiple jobs to the same servers. I Always had to browse through the structure, or filter on a smartgroup to find my servers again.

To solve this I would propose a "recently used" list within your server selection when using "Execute against". Somewhat like you're recently used documents in office products.


Additionally a "recently created" list would also be great when creating jobs. Altough the efficiency here is somewhat solved by creating a job by right clicking on the blpackage. or creating the compliance job starting from the component template


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