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Create incident from email listener only if user is authorized

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Hi All,

I have created a case for this subject but the conclusion is "Enhancement"... So I create the idea.


Use Case


  • Context: Our customer uses SalesForce for business purpose (around 1 000 000 of users) and we install Remedyforce for their internal IT in the same instance in order to be able to make the link tomorrow between Business and IT. To allow final customer to access their services, people have a "Community User Login" licence. Internal users can access external services and have so an external account. Some of them (25% of people) have created their external account with internal mail adress. When configuring Remedyforce, Internal Users have been created with Identity Connect and their information including internal email adress.
  • Issue:
    • Consider a people which have been created as "Business User" (User1) and "Internal User" (User2).
      • User 1 has "Community User Login" License, associated to an account not authorized for Remedyforce and no permission set nor profile RF and
      • User 2 has "Standard Platform License" with Service Desk Client permission set.
      • User 1 has been created before User 2.
    • Using standard Email Listener, when the people send an email, treated by email listener, only the 1st created user is identified and thus drive to an error.
      • A work-around has been provided to prevent this rejection by the tool but
        • the workaround drives to the creation of the incident in name of the 1st User,
        • If the people click on the link to access is incident (created with User1), he will be identified (due to SSO) with User2 and thus can't follow his incident.
  • Expected Feature : As User1 has not the right "license" nor profile or permission set, he must be ignored and incident must be created through email listener only according to people rights including:
    • Having the correct license AND
    • Having the correct Profli OR Permission set AND
    • Belonging to an account authorized to used Remedyforce


Actually, option that have been communicated is to create a custom Email Listener.



PS : if some point is not clear, feel free to ask for complement


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