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BBSA Console on the Citrix XenApp, move the console temp folder to the users home folder

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By default the BMC BladeLogic Application Console is installed in the folder C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic.

Every custom command (activities that can be start by clicking the right mouse button on a target) works fine accept the command that need to create a temporary log file (for example "View Memory Usage).  Because the process for custom command will create a temporary log in the folder c:\program files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\tmp, where the normal user does not have a write permissions, it will be fail.

It should be work only if we permit the “Authenticated Users” to write in this folder.

Now we are at the implementation of the BladeLogic Console on the Citrix XenApp. In this environment the “program files” folder is not writable from security perspective.


For resolving of this issue we need to move the temporary files to another folder ( for example to the temp folder in the user home).


Other our applications on the Citrix XenApp uses the user profile folder for the creating of the temp files.


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