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Be able to create an IP <-> Hostname mapping for Syslog

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Actually we have ITSD syslog receiver which receive data from a lot of hosts/equipements (juniper, cisco, checkpoint, esx, clearswift, alcatel ....)


1 - As you see in my collector below, 61 hosts are sending events.


It would be fine to have something like a "IP Mapping" menu in the administration tab, to be able to map a specific IP to a hostname I will enter manually

Let's say : <-> cisco_asa_datacenter



That will be more easy for people that are managing this ITDA to see some names instead of ip addresses especially when you have hundred of hosts.


2 -In addition, I would be also nice to create "host" groups.

If I have a syslog adapter with 120 hosts, I would like to select (check box in the Host menu) my hosts, and click on a "Create new group" button to have a better visibility.

For exemple, create "ESX Servers", "Cisco Routers", "Firewalls" ... that will include the selected hosts.


Actually, as a workaround, I have created several adapters on the same server :  one syslog adapter "ESX_Servers_udp_515", one "Cisco_routers_udp_514", one "Clearswift_Appliance_udp_516" etc ..., that's not the best way, but that help to differentiate the equipment type, especially when you have hundred of elements.


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