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Allow "Records per page" value be saved for staff assignment

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We are using two level assignment in Remedyforce : When a ticket is created, it will be first to be assigned to a queue by Help Desk and the queue manager will assign the ticket to a staff.

Most of the queue has 12 to 20 staff.  In the Staff selection pop up menu, always only the first 10 will show up.  In order to see the other names, queue managers need to either use the > key to the next page or change the Records per page value.  But the "records per page" value needs to be changed each time.

If the Records per page can be saved without having to change each time, or there is a configuration parameter that we can change the default value (10) to the number we prefer.   This may sound like a insignificant issue, but it is very important to the people who are on the systems all the time.


Same idea can be applied to Remedyforce console.  Not able to store the value and have to do it every time is very inconvenient.


Thank you.


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