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Zero Downtime (ZDT) Upgrade

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BMC has a prototype for an idea that would enable an application to be upgraded on a production server gorup while the original version of the application remains available to users.  Once the application has been fully upgraded, the user need only refresh their screen to gain access to the new application version.  The idea takes advantage of server groups to enable one server in the group to act as the upgrade server while the others remain in production.  The benefits to customers for this idea would be:


  • Interruption in service reduced to a few seconds.
  • No need to provision new production-capable servers as part of the upgrade process.
  • Transactional data need not be migrated to a new system (i.e. the current Delta Data Migrator [DDM] process would no longer be needed).
  • Because the old version remains available to users, the amount of time it takes to upgrade and reconcile the new version is not limited by a maintenance window.
  • The new version of the application can be tested against live customer data to ensure that it is working properly.
  • If need be, the new version can also be rolled back at any time during the upgrade.

Update on 8/28/2015 - delivered in 9.0 SP1. Please see release notes for details. The implementation is limited to platform upgrade and not application upgrade at this time. Also note that some attributes of this idea like rollback and live customer data testing has not been implemented in the feature. If this still is a high-priority enhancement, please open a new idea so we can track the interest in expanding this feature.


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