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Community Members as Contributors to the Source?

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I've always used the BMC Communities when I'm stuck with a problem and most of the time it proves to be productive.

The variety of creative people and different experiences here is getting richer and richer. Top contributors are well-known to the customers and are highly respected by the community.

The Ideation process is something unique and very powerful, which might help the BMC products to evolve with higher frequency and have the edge over competition.


However, I think there's even more opportunity to explore. Say..

  1. What if BMC decide to allow members of this very community to contribute not only Ideas, but actual code too?  I assume most of the experienced users here have already implemented customizations, that are actually quite sensible and should easily pass BMC code-review. This way the products can be enriched with functionality that was requested by real customers, and have real use cases.
  2. Following the same line of thought, why not include community members into the Defect resolution process? I mean, the experienced people can provide great insight and value here too (as Level 2-3). For example, imagine that there's a something like GitHub repository for ITSM Suite code (forms, filters, active links, etc.) with all current Issue in backlog. Community members could pick an issue they would like to contribute to and resolve it for the fun of it. I know it sounds very far, but I believe it is possible and all could benefit - BMC, customers, consultants...


In the end, we are all on the same side, right?


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