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Autostart SSO services on Linux

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When SSO 9.0.00 is installed on Windows, a specific Windows service is also installed for it and configured to autostart.




However, when SSO 9.0.00 is installed on Linux, there is no autostart script created. This is in contrast to both the Windows platform and other BMC applications such as BladeLogic, where startup scripts are created and configured.


In another BMC Products there is a already a script created in the bin directory for obviously designed as a startup script.


Ideally the script should be updated to allow running SSO 9.0.00  as a non-root user as this is better practice on *nix. This is in fact what BladeLogic does.


Can we please install and configure the startup scripts for Linux? A little intelligence is required to handle multiple instances on one server, but this should not be difficult. It is far simpler than setting up a Windows service and should really be standard.


Many thanks,


This Idea is exactly common to that created by @Paul Seager-Smith for the BAO services Autostart AO services on Linux


[at least, I think the less experienced Admins would really find useful at least mentioning this fact in the Deployment Documentation (i mean, if SSO Product Management consider that it is difficult to implement it in the installer, at least a small note in the docu that makes aware of this fact...)]


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