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Status Functionality

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Request for Enhancement


  1. Once the case is moved to a ‘Resolved’ status the status should auto change to ‘Closed’ after 48 hrs
  2. Only then the survey should be sent out and not after changing the status to ‘Resolved’
  3. Remove ‘Draft’ status and retain the other Status Values
  4. Case submitted through MyIT OR created through Emails should be in the ‘Assigned’ state. Currently cases created through emails are in the Draft status




Set a lifecycle for the case resolution/ progress

Why Important


To standardize the values in the status field and have values which are more relevant as per the lifecycle of the case

Draft status has no relevance in our current process

Example of current behavior

Case created through Email

Cases created through email are in a Draft status by default. This should be in an ‘Assigned’ status by default

Current Status values in HRCM


Below are the current values in HRCM under the status field. We need to delete ‘Draft’.

  • Daft
  • Assigned
  • Cancelled
  • Work In Progress
  • Resolved
  • Closed


Currently, once the case has been moved to a ‘Resolved’ status it stays the same. We need to move it to a closed status after 48 hrs. And then the survey should go out to the requestor.


This is on behalf of one of our customers


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