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Preferred Name not displayed in HRCM console

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Request for Enhancement


Add the preferred name field in the HRCM Console to the case queue and the case details page




To display the preferred name of the requestor in HRCM so that they same can be used by the HR Agent while responding to the requestor

Why Important


Many employees in BMC globally have added their preferred name so that they can be addressed as per that name. HRCM currently does not have the preferred name field/ value. So HR Agents have to use the name displayed on the HRCM console while replying to the requestor and sometimes the requestor raises a concern around their name. If the preferred name is available in Oracle then the same should also be displayed in HRCM


Example of current behavior

Below are the current screens with an example of an employee who has a preferred name.


Employees name in Outlook:


Employees name showing up in the HRCM Case queue:


Employees name showing up in the Case details page. The email id shows correctly however the name is as per Oracle First name and Last name field



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