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Alternate Notification Templates

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I am finding that I would definitely appreciate the ability to have alternate notification templates.


For example:  I have different types of work orders that the default notification email doesn’t quite apply to, or those particular users require more information in their notifications, where most other users/departments find that level of detail confusing or annoying.  We all know that to some degree, annoying the user becomes counterproductive as they begin to ignore the help desk and either attempt to deal with the problem themselves (and possibly make it worse) or leave the problem unreported and productivity suffers.


A way to incorporate such a feature into the existing system would be to alter the configure notifications screen to contain buttons for “New work Order “ such as Edit Template A” Edit Template B” etc. and check the box corresponding to the appropriate template as needed.  This will allow us to provide a more focused and customized response to different types or classes of customers for each type of notification.  This new feature would be very useful in every place notifications are possible.


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