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Remove the check box for Keep Confidential

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Request for Enhancement


While submitting a Case through MyIT requestors have an option to check on a checkbox which states ‘Keep Confidential’. Remove that option. If they check on this box then the employee comments move to another page/ tab in HRCM




To assist HR agents have a better experience with the system

Why Important


If the requestor check on this ‘Keep Confidential’ checkbox while submitting a case via MyIT then his comments move to another page in HRCM. This is inconvenient to the HR Agents.


All the comments should show as a note in the Case details page under the Journal entries. This helps in having all the details in One view or one page



   Example of current behavior


In MyIT there is an option to click on ‘Keep Confidential’ before submitting the case


If ‘Keep Confidential’ is selecting while submitting the case in MyIT then the requestor comments do not show up under the Case details page. You have to click on ‘Self Service Answers’


Self Service Answers page – The comments show up here



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