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MyIT Broadcasts for User Groups: Only the GroupIDs are shown, this should be changed to the Long Group Name

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MyIT Broadcasts can be sent to User Groups, but for a MyIT-Admin it is very difficult to find the correct group to which the broadcast should be sent;


When you search for a User Group, the search-field references to the "Group Name"-Field of the Remedy-Group-Form. The problem for Companies & Support groups is that the "Group Name"-Field always contains the ID, but not the real name:

So if you e.g. would like to send a Broadcast to "calbro", you will get no results:

Instead, you have to search for the group id 10000000001, but how is a MyIT Admin supposed to know this Group ID?! He/She always has to ask a Remedy Admin.


The search-field should also reference to the "Long Group Name"-field and not only to the "Group Name".


Regards, Tamara


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