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Approvals for Managers and Business Users

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Hi all,


As currently the approver cannot see the record as long as he or she is not an agent, and not have full access, or they client in the related ticket. As workaround we created some sharing triggers so those people can see the record. As this is not best practise, custom code etc etc the below idea might solve a bunch of those concerns/issues.


It would be good if we had an approval email, with a PDF of the record details. That way manager can see all details, have the info for audit reason etc. On top BMC should include the sharing automatically so those people can see the info on self service.. This even can be a link under Approvals in SS what will open a custom visualforce page in read mode that shows the record details and the PDF.


Customers will benefit here as well, as no additional licenses for staff agent visibility will be needed. (Change approval record, Release etc etc)


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