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Incident Template Validation

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Our Service Desk users are increasingly using templates to submit tickets and on the whole we are seeing the benefit of this functionality.  However one issue that we do experience is when an individual uses and Incident Template that has set fields applied, e.g. Business Service/Op Cats/Prod Cats that are not available for a particular company.


Unfortunately, there is no validation when a ticket is submitted using a template so we are experiencing issues when the below scenario occurs.


Service Desk submit a ticket using an Email template for Company X that has the business service "Email".  However Company X does not have a used by relationship to the Email business service.  No error is submitted when the record is saved, but later it is reported that there are issues with SLAs (as the Service Target for this Company would not include Email no SVT is attached).


To resolve this, the user has to go back into the ticket and re-select a business service that is available for this Company.


We are trying to manage this by making our users aware, but it would be really useful if Remedy could provide some Validation to prevent this from occurring.


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