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Escalation TIMESTAMP values incorrect

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When an escalation runs, in our case HPD:INC:AutoCloseResolved, the TIMESTAMP value used when marking the ticket closed is the TIMESTAMP of when the query from the escalation is ran and not the TIMESTAMP of when the Set Fields action occurs.


For example, if an escalation runs on 6/1/2016 but does not complete until 6/2/2016 it still marks the Incident closed on 6/1/2016 instead of when it was actually closed which should be 6/2/2016


Seems like AR Server picks the time of Timestamp early in the transaction (ie: when the escalation starts processing records for that "run") and so that's the time that gets used.


This Timestamp should be set to time when the Incident is actually performing set fields and setting Status = Closed and Closed Date = $TIMESTAMP$.


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