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Full Audit Trail

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It would appear that not all the audit history is being captured.


I have made manual changes and also created business rules that should be a system change (automated process) but none are presenting:

I think that my business rule isn't working yet, but even if it did, I would suspect it wouldn't record the field changes.


This is important as any automated changes are typically because of a process that is constrained. Equally, any manual changes also need changing so we can get a full audit trail of ALL field changes made during the lifecycle of a ticket so we can identify any process breakdown to assist continuous service improvement.


Could I please request an idea for a Full Audit Trail to be captured within an Audit History section to capture all field changes (manual or automated) throughout the lifecycle of the ticket, including a date/time stamp, who made the change (Which User/System), and what was field was changed from/to, added, updated, deleted?


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