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Smart IT: Default-Values of fields like Impact, Urgency etc. should be configurable

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When you create e.g. a new Incident via SmartIT, some fields are filled out with Default Values (like Impact/Urgency which are filled with Minor/Low), while others are not filled out automatically (like Incident Type).

At the moment this behavior is hard-coded in Smart IT and cannot be changed:


In comparison, in ITSM it is working the other way around (Impact/Urgency are empty while Incident Type is filled out per default):


Apart from that this is not consistent, our customers would need Smart IT to be more flexible and to have the possibility to configure default values both for ootb-fields like Impact, Urgency and Service Type, as well as for Custom-Fields. This would save time for the Service Desk Users as it would allow them to set their own default values so that they do not need to correct the values in each new ticket.


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