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Change Management Ideas

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Below are a few of the ideas I've come up with based on pain points when dealing with version 11.4 Change Management. These are just one guys views on this, so I'd love some feedback from others.

  • Show Change Management on Child Tasks.
    • This is the biggest request we have. Our New Hire tickets have 3-5 tasks and there's no way other than looking at the parent. You could make an option in the CM policy for "apply to child tasks".
  • Make it obvious from the main work order that a ticket is pending approval.
    • Again, techs should have essentially a big red flag that says "Hey, hold up. This needs to be approved before you work on it."
    • I don't know if you necessarily want to make separate statuses for this.
  • Allow complex approval routes, so a mix of simultaneous and sequential.
    • Right now we have to make fake users that point to distribution lists, but then those aren't visible in Self Service.
    • Example: Require New Hire tickets have any HR manager approval, then either the Controller or GM approve, then the IT Manager approve.
  • Send notifications when Change Management is cancelled (SOX/policy violation).
    • May be achievable already with Business Rules.
  • Allow users to respond to emails with "approve" or "approved" in the body of the email,
    • Or at least let the technician manually mark these tickets as approved.
    • You'd then want a flag for tickets that were approved manually for management followup.
  • Allow for automated repeating of approval emails being sent to approvers.
    • Update ticket with date, time, and name of person emailed so the end user can see who is holding up their ticket.
  • Allow for Approver to include the requestor's supervisor.
    • This would require changing Directory Importer to pull this field from Active Directory.


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