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Drag & Drop emails into technician client to create/append WO tickets

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We have all struggled with users that just don't use the system and insist on sending the technicians an email asking for the status, providing new info etc.  A good number of users just forget, don't have the time [insert more excuses here] etc.


In our former product, we had the ability to drag and drop emails directly into a workorder in two different ways:

  • Drag and drop an email over the client home screen and it would create a new work order based on that email using a copy of that email as the original description, etc.. (similar to how the email monitor works)
  • Drag and drop an email into an open work order and it becomes a note/email within the notes section. (instead of having to add append and the WO# to the sbubject line and then forward it to the email monitor, or drap & drop the email body into the technician notes)



Now that we have recently gone live with Track-IT, we miss this feature.  As a workaround, we forward emails into a work order, (APPEND:[WO#]) but we still have to look up the ticket, write the number into the forwarded email, send it along, close the ticket to allow the message to attach, open the ticket again.  This is an awkward way to get there and it seems logical that adding the ability to drag and drop directly into the interface in this way would save a lot of time.


Added note:  Now that we have been live with version 11 for a few months, I'm missing this capability even more.


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