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"Date Range" can be only 90 days in BMC Support

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Hello BMC Support,


kindly please can you consider following scenario:



1. User opens BMC Support

2. User selects Case Mangement

3. Show Defects: All Cases

4. Related to: All Cases

5. Search by "Case Number"

6. User pastes the case number

7. User often gets following info:

Date range cannot be more than 90 days


8.User does have the Case Number, and that shall be sufficient to effortlessly search for and display demanded case.

There is no point to restrict queries with Date Range 90 days for searches that already include the key value (Case/Defect number).


If user would like to try clear the fields of exact dates, following info is shown:

Invalid Date! Please enter date in format: dd-mmm-yyyy.


BMC Support, kindly please can you correct search mechanism on your Support page, and allow for search by Case Number/Defect Number, with no need to restrict 90 days period.


Please keep in mind, that in case I have such number, I shan't need any Date Range in order for successful search.


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