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Delegate rights to view and update requests in MyIT

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Currently (MyIT 3.1) a user can only see and work on their own requests. If the OnBehalf of functionality is used, one more person can get access, provided it is being considered upfront. This idea describes how a delegate functionality would support 6 userstories in this area.


Userstory 1:

As an end-user you use MyIT and  have a number of open requests that you want someone else to progress during your holiday - you want to be able to delegate view and update rights to a single or group of colleague, so that the resolution of the ticket can be progressed even when you are not available.


Userstory 2:

As a team of people using MyIT, you raise requests and are as a team responsible for progressing the requests to completion and closure, therefore you need to be able to view and update the request created by other teammemebers regardless of who originally created the request, so they can be progressed to completion and closure.


Userstory 3:

As an end-user of MyIT I want to modify my user-profile so that access to by requests is delegated to one or several individuals so they can progress the request raised by me to completion and closure.


Userstory 4:

As an end-user of MyIT I want to be able to search delegates and select them one by one or by ITSM site/organization structure


Userstory 5:

As MyIT administartor I am able to configure the scope of a user delegation, so it can be limited to the users company(default) or site or organization.


Userstory 6:

As an end-user of MyIT i want to be able to select one or several request and delegate them to an individual or group of colleagues, while the rest of the requests are not delegated.

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