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New matching criteria for Email Policies

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Hey Everyone ,



Wanted to gather everyone's thoughts on a new idea for Track-IT! Currently we are on 11.4 and have multiple email policies set up for automated routing of tickets.Our company is using a custom software for configurations of doors , both residential and industrial. Now this software emails invoices to our customers and is sent from the helpdesk email account. I have a policy in place to for the 'subject' Menards Catalog and then its directed to the software development group. The issue with this is the CSR or customer service rep has to print the invoice , Email to PDF ,  then sent it into the helpdesk for the ticket to be created.This is a 6 step or so process and takes time away from the phones and our customers. I think that Track-IT! should implement a 'message body' to the matching criteria in the E-mail Policy filter.Our CSRs are able to add in custom text from the software and could put menards catalog in the body however it is not a option at the moment.This addition would free up multiple hours for the customer service reps every single week! Who else could benefit from this single implementation??




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