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Change Monitoring Solution Version in Monitoring Profile

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You have created a Monitoring Policy (MP) for all Microsoft Windows Servers. Of course it contains the Monitoring Solution/KM for Microsoft Windows Servers in a certain version, let us say 4.8.10. Now you do upgrade the KM on the PATROL Agents to the new version 4.9.00. In this case you would probably copy the MP you have created for version 4.8.10. But you will find out that you cannot change the version of the solution either in the original MP or in its copy. You must create a new MP based on the new solution version.


Proposed solution

You should be able to change the solution version in a MP. Further you should be notified, what has to be changed or added, to ensure the solution will functioning properly. When changing to an earlier version, you should be notified what features are no longer available in this version.

In addition, it should be clearly marked what backward compatible is or not.

What also would help is a reporting function to provide a report which MPs are applied to PATROL Agents which do not have a matching solution version installed.


If not implemented

  If the proposed or another usable solution is not implemented, it will result in having MPs for all solution versions in operation. This is hardly manageable.


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