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Utility to mask out IP and hostname in logs to be forwarded to BMC support

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Many Telcos have security obligations which include not sharing IP addresses and host names of servers and network devices. BMC support require logs to resolve support cases this is a given however by sending these logs unsolicited to BMC we are in breach of our security obligations. The effort to mask out all IP addresses and host name is time consuming and prone to removing valuable information that support may require to analysis and thus solve issues.

The proposal is for BMC to build a utility that can pass the logs (even if already in .gz format)  and mask IPs  (v6 as well) to a settable level (e.g. total mask, or allow first octet or allow first and second) and host names to e.g. host1, host2 (mapped against the real host names i.e that host1 represents  the same real host name). The passed file then can be sent  to BMC.


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