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Synchronize Deletion or Archiving of Tickets and related Data between ITSM and Smart-IT / MyIT

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With reference to this discussion Syncing archived data between ITSM and SmartIT

I'd like to propose to enhance the synchronization between ticket data and related data (e.g. work info) between the ITSM data stored in the RDBMS (e.g. Oracle or MS-SQL) and the related data which is stored in the MongoDB for Smart-IT and MyIT.


As it seems the create and modify process does include a sync between these two databases. The social bridge implementation will ensure that the data is in sync and all work info information in ITSM is also stored and displayed correctly on the new ux side. The social data in the MongoDB will be up to date.


My assumption was that whenever data is deleted from the ITSM database in general (not only during the archiving process), the corresponding ticket related data  is also deleted from Smart-IT / MyIT in the MongoDB.

Wouldn't you expect this from a mature design?

I've tested this with incident management and obviously I was wrong.

I've added new work info to an existing incident and was able to see the new document in the MongoDB (easy task using an open source GUI for MongoDB)

I've deleted the incident in Mid-Tier, the incident was no longer visible via Mid-Tier or Smart-IT, but the social data in MongoDB has not been removed.

I've tested the same with a newly created incident and the result was the same.


Please implement the same mechanism on deletion of data. Please make sure that on deletion of a tickets in the RDBMS the corresponding data on the MongoDB side is also deleted.


Please implement the same mechanism on archiving of data. Please make sure that on archive of a tickets in the RDBMS the corresponding data on the MongoDB side is also archived. (Automatically, not by an extra manual task described here Archiving social data - BMC MyIT 3.1 - BMC Documentation )


This should happen by design and out of the box. Otherwise MongoDB will grow indefinitely.


EDIT: Even worse: I've just found the following issue users will run into. For the social part of the data is not deleted, the timeline information or activity log will still remain active, though there is no ticket behind it anymore. See attached video please.


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