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Soft-deleted CIs and relations should be displayed in AE, maybe greyed out

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As we all know, soft-deleted CIs and Relations are not visible in Atrium Explorer or Impact designer. So, when you select "Delete from Database" the selected object gets soft deleted after promote and is not displayed anymore.




This is fine, as long no one tries to create the exact same object again. This happens quite frequently, particulary with Impact Relations.


When someone draws the same relation and tries to promote it, the affected relation just disapears again.



Impact and consequences:

This is often considered a bug, because the user is not aware of the fact that the same relation exists with "MarkAsDeleted=Yes", therefore the Support Organisation is invoked and has to explain that this is "as designed"




So here is the Idea how to avoid that Issue:

Just Display such objects in Atrium Explorer in a Special manner, maybe greyed out or with a certain Icon accociated, so that the user can see that this is a "soft deleted" item.


And even better, assign a Action to the contect menu to "reactivate" this item.



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