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Visibility on attachments added via email

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When a end user replies/submits a case via email and adds some attachments, those attachments are not visible in its Case Management Portal. In the Case Maangement Portal only attachment added using the web interface are visible:




The first end user thought is that the attachments have been discarded, and he cannot be sure if the Support has received the attachments or not.


I submitted a case for this issue but the Support replied the following:


I see both attachments in three different sections of the case.

I have logged into the web view and it does look like the only attachments visible are the ones that have been uploaded via web. I will open an internal case for IT to look into this. It may be on the list for the next round of improvements.


In the end, the last reply was:


IT have got back to me. Apparently this is disabled by design for security reasons.

Only attachments uploaded via the Customer Web Portal are viewable to external users. Attachments sent via email are only visible to Internal users.


There should be in the Case Management portal the option to see the attachment ssent via email for the end user


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