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RPM could help manage teams and expectations better

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It's a constant requirements for release managers to understand what is the current status of a release, when teams are going to be involved in deployments etc.


In the RPM tool,

- For an step, we can populate the start, estimate and complete time.

- For a request, we can populate the start time of the request.


1st -> I dont understand why the start and complete times for an step are populated manually and not automatically. If I want to populate the actual timings for a completed step, I need to reset the status of the step as I'm not going to be able to know the end time until It's actually completed by the relevant team.


2nd -> If we've got a request start time and estimates for each of the steps, It would be great if through the requests screens or even through a bespoke report, We could be able to identify:


- when all the different steps are expected to be processed.

- which teams are going to be involved in which steps and when are they expected to perform these actions.

- When the request is expected to finish.


For a simple request all these details are very easy to be calculated, but for a very complex request with steps running in parallel that is not possible. Release managers would be able to manage expectations with these simple changes.


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