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BMC Lite solution for scanning network devices credential based

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The purpose for this functionality is to protect the service provider's network from customer effecting network incidents/outages. In a number of large routers/switches the number of network interfaces can be well over tens of thousands. Discovery uses SNMP to discover these network devices. When the Standard Discovery method getNetworkInterfaces is performed the target switch/router can go into CPOU overload and start to discard traffic packets. This is due to the nature of the SNMP query and the target switch. The query asks for all network interfaces. The switch has to decode its hash routing table into ISO character format to be able to answer the query. It is this decoding that causes the overload. Some switch types have an option to keep a parallel ISO character routing table as well as the hash routing table. In these switches the SNMP query is serviced using the character routing table significantly reducing the real time CPU load. The customer has a quite a number of switches that do not support this option or where the customer is not willing to change the configuration of a large switch integral to their network.


The customer is proposing that a credential based option to turn off various methods, most importantly the getNetworkInterfaces method allowing BMC Discovery to scan large devices and importantly automatically rescan large devices without potential customer impacting network outages.


As a work around the customer has been manually importing data. The work around is not maintainable and too labour intensive, lacking immediacy and automation options.


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