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Agreement Start Time based on Agreement level instead of Generic Setting (Vendor Management)

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Hi All,


I would like to introduce the following Idea to improve working with agreements in Vendor Management.



- In Remedyforce there is a setting called "Use Opened Date instead of Current Date to recalculate Due Date"


Select this check box to recalculate due date of an incident, task, or problem based on the date it was opened. If the check box is clear, the due date is recalculated based on the current date.

If the Use Opened Date instead of Current Date to recalculate Due Date check box is selected, the service target end date recalculation is based on the opened date, otherwise it is recalculated based on the current date.



When monitoring the SLA towards your business only one option is valid in my opinion and that is setting this option to true!

When an organization would like to implement vendor management this setting is not valid anymore.


Example: End User has an email issue and issue needs involvement by Vendor X.

Ticket will be created for the email service on 29/02/16 at 09:00 assigned to the Service Desk (1 SLA will be applied for monitoring the end user SLA :start date 29/02/16 09:00.)


After 4 hours the service desk discovers that it needs to be escalated to the vendor. On incident level it will be marked/assigned/... as "Escalated to vendor X". At this time a new SLA will be applied between company and vendor. The existing SLA between comany and customer still continues running!!


The vendor SLA should have as starting criteria 29/02/16 at 13:00 but because of the generic setting this is 29/02/16 09:00. The vendor lost already 4 hours of his SLA time!!


Unchecking the setting is also not an option because of the following example:

End users created an email issue and SLA is applied. Start date is 29/02/16 09:00.  4 hours later the priority changes of the ticket or the wrong service was selected... The new SLA (target) will be applied and start date will be the current date 29/02/16 at 13:00:


The company gained a benefit of 4 hours resolution time and the customer needs to wait even longer!!




- For vendor management you use tasks so that the SLA start time is the creation date of the task. While on incident level you measure the SLA with your end user.


This is not user friendly and efficient:

- Time and effort must be taken to reproduce all the information on task level and back to incident level.

- Information from the end user is not transfered to the vendor

- Monitoring and reporting on SLA and UC wil become more complex




- Remove the setting and define organization wide that creation date is always the start date

- Make it possible to mark on a agreement level for each SLA, OLA, UC if it needs to deflect from the organization wide setting (= current date is start date)



Christophe Dufromont



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