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Enahancement to entity identification

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Please consider a modification that will address issues created when a virtual guest is moved to a new guest configuration (identified by a different VMW_VMREF) in the vCenter when the host name of the guest is not changed, nor are the PARENT_HOSTNAME, PARENT_VCNAME or PARENT_VCUUID changed.  One problem that may be addressable is that the host name of the guest associated with the old vCenter entity, as represented by the VMW_VMREF, changes.  At this time the name column in the sys_def table is not updated, but this may be due to the fact that, while the guest entity remains defined in the vCenter configuration, the guest is in a "Powered Off" state.  At the very least, could an alert be created that notifies administrators when an entity is not longer active.  At this time we need to search for these conditions.  Because of the practices of our Server Virtualization group, this causes significant issues in our environment.  Thank you for considering our request.


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