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Request to make BPPM self-healing

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There is a request to make the BPPM interface/application self-healing.


We have seen issues with using BPPM and KMs and the instance of old configurations which are not removed/cleaned properly or in some cases objects are created/duplicated/etc. The type of problem has been prevalent with all sorts of KMs and the feeling is that ProactiveNet (or TSIM) should have a self-healing or reconciliation capability because it neglects to clean up these rogue objects or validate if new ones need to be created.


The request is to make the BPPM interface self-healing to allow for quick and seamless cleanup of these instances which are not supposed to be in the database. Check for duplication as well to avoid these types of issues with duplicate devices, old configurations, and new objects being created for incorrectly.  Seriously?


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