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Change Management Voter Delegation

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The most important and useful function we need in Change Management is voter delegation. I imagine it would look like the following:

  • Users (agents and customer) can set it in their preferences
  • They enter the data (probably User ID or the Master Key in the Address Book) in a field or by using a lookup function similar to the CC field
  • They specify a termination date (and possibly time)
  • It works across all workspaces
  • The delegation can also be specified by a Workspace Administrator or System Administrator


Some role options around allowing other to do this would also be nice:

1) System role permission to be able to re-assign approvals on a per-ticket basis once the approval has started.

(use case: an approval has started and the approver is sick/vacation/terminated/otherwise unavailable and a change manager or system administrator could re-assign that approval to another person)


2) Container role permission to allow approvers to re-assign their own approvals to a designated delegate.  Useful if they (the approver) is sick/vacation/otherwise unvailable and they can re-direct their approvals to their designated delegate without having to require intervention from a change manager or system administrator


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