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Developer Studio enhancements for faster development

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The following enhancements to Developer would make development faster:

  • Automatic field id generation from a configurable range (e.g. id's per form range or per developer range or per application range). This is one of the most time consuming functions that could be handled automatically. Reusing code is good practice and to do that you need unique id's so this should be a no brainer.
  • Search for fields by field ID's, When you get an error saying that fieldid xxx has no access rightd or something else it would be grate to have a function to find it.
  • Make the "__c" suffix optional, they are of no use when creating custom applications and developers have their own naming conventions.
  • Allow for field type prefix/sufix configuration. To be able to find fields easier and to make the code easier to understand I always use field prefixes, TF_ for table fields C_ for columns zz_ for display only. To be able to configure this would save lots of time.
  • Enable Alignment buttons to work for fields in different panels, I frequently need to align fields that are in different panels to get a unified look and feel. It would save lots of time!!!
  • AlignmentButtons.PNG
  • Right click on form, field or a button and select "Create Active Link/Filter/Escalation/Guide" and and get a new "Active Link,Filter/Escalation/Guide" with a pre populated form and field/button if applicable.
  • Disable "Visual Effects" (window resizing, gliding object lists, etc) in Developer Studio, it is meaningless and VERY slow when running against servers with many objects (read ITSM).
  • Use the same properties sorting for normal fields and fields within a cell based table field. Today they have different and random sorting. Se screenshots, the one to the left is from a normal column and the one to the right is from a cell based column. In the cell based one x and y are not together nor are height and width. It is time consuming to search for properties that have one sorting everywhere else than in cell based fields.
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 13.10.51.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-10 at 13.10.29.png
  • Allow for configuration/saving of which property categories that are expanded by default and which are not. Today the Change History and Attributes categories are expanded, they are not the most frequently used.
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.53.14.png
  • Add an Active Link action "Display Prompt Dialog" with some alternatives, Yes/No, Cancel/Continue, etc that sets the answer to a keyword. Would save lots of time!!
  • Ability copy panels OR to define a standard setting for panels with hidden header, no border, fill layout.
  • Allow panel borders to be wider than 9 px, or add margin properties to panels, that would spare us lots of panels used only for spacing.
  • Show preview of the image in the image selector and image list in Developer.
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.46.27.png
  • Related object navigation, e.g in an Active Link I should be able to navigate to the forms it is associated with, to any form it makes a push field or open window or service call to. If it calls a guide i should be able to open it directly from the link. Do the same for all objects.
  • Right click menus should always contain the same alternatives regardless if the right click is done on a relation or an object list of any kind. E.g I want to rename a related object, (today I have to se what it is called in the related objects list go to the correct object list and type the name into the search bar...) instead I could do one right click...
  • Allow for renaming of opened objects. (maybe warn that it will be saved but not prevent the renaming)
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 13.02.31.png
  • Don't empty the search field (red circle) every time we change the type of filtering (fields 1 and 2) we are using. It takes huge amounts of time (and CPU) to reload if running on an ITSM server only to be reloaded again when we enter what we where looking for. And just loading e.g. 47000 active links (ITSM) just for no reason is bad usage of resources.
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 13.04.17.png
  • Add advanced search options to filtering, LIKE, AND, OR, NOT. It is sometimes useful to list all objects containing a prefix and a certain suffix but not the word xxx.
  • Make it possible for cells in cell based table fields to dynamically adapt to field content in width and/or height.
  • Keyword showing if a form is being loaded Inline or not. E.g I want to display the Web Toolbar if it is not loaded inline.


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