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ADDM Manager

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First of all, the ADDM Proxy Manager is a great step in the right direction.


Now, I would like to install this Proxy Manager on my laptop or some other more central location, to manage all ADDM Proxies on all hosts from one interface.


Equally, I would like equal feature or function for the ADDM appliances as well. A local or central installation of an  "ADDM Manager" where I can apply TKU updates to all appliances at the same time, stop/start discovery and other administrative stuff, like viewing performance of each appliance, configuration settings and other more common "apply to all" admin things.

Creating credentials from the manager and select what appliances to apply them to. Export/import configuration settings between appliances etc.


In the same manager it would be nice to see what patterns are installed on each appliance and what version of them to easily identify pattern differences between appliances.


Would also appreciate an "outlook calendar like" scan scheduler, where I can drag n drop scheduled scans, "resize" them to change the scan duriation/window and such. This would help me identify "free hours" during scans and/or consolidation and be able to optimize ADDM scanning.


"Apply to one - sync with all" feature.


If I have 10 appliances and want to scan 1 IP address, today I first need to know what appliance to do this from. What if I could start a scan from the ADDM manager and the system intelligently selects the appliance to scan from for me?


The idea behind all is to be able to manage all ADDM installations, configurations, scans and patterns from a single interface. Ofcource the functionality to manage ADDM from within ADDM must remain. For large installations it is very frustrating and time consuming to apply TKU updates, manage patterns, manage credentials, etc where the changes I am doing in one appliance apply to all appliances.


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