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Add the Time Filter selection to the Infrastructure & Summary Views like the Data Explorer view has

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Would anyone else like to see additional Time Ranges like "last month" or "From To" added to the VMWare Infrastructure & Datacenter Views?  If so, please VOTE on this idea.  This would simplify capacity reporting for capacity managers so much!!!   These views have a wealth of information and would love to utilize them to easily capture key information in ongoing capacity reporting, but would be more useful if the data presented was not just from the last 30 day tables.  Could see using them in executive-level reporting for such things as configuration history changes for the year, for reports (not just graphs) on how resource usage has changed over time during the year, etc..  The increased time durations could use the higher aggregation levels too, such as from the monthly or daily tables instead of houry.   These additional time ranges have already been added to the "data explorer" views and have really added value to the informaiton they present, but, can't use them for higher exec-level reporting as they show many metrics for one cluster at a time.  The vmware infrastructure and datacenter views report some metrics for all the clusters and domains at once, which is much more useful for exec-level reporting purposes. Finally, to try to use the vmware infrastrucre view the way it is now for monthly reporting, we have to select the last 30 day view on the first day of the next month, which is not always realistic to do. Please vote this idea up if you'd like to see this added to future releases and/or have a possible intierm view created we could download  Thanks!


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