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Allow different level of access to EPD by Support ID

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This is a continuation of Allow different level of access to BMC web sites linked to Support ID. The other aspects of that Idea have been implemented except an enhanced permissions model to EPD.


The Idea is to allow people be added to a Support ID for an organization but control if they are able to download product software. A person might be added to a Support ID because they need (extended) access to KB or submit an issue but being able to download BMC software is not appropriate for that person's role. To support licensing compliance there should be restrictions on who can download software.


Here are some thought from Miles Escow on the subject from the original Idea (

"EPD is a very different prospect to and our knowledge base, because of export compliance, product entitlement and security factors. Implementing a permissions application to EPD will be challenging and take some considerable effort. There is also a debate to be had about the advantages / disadvantages of doing so both to BMC's customers and BMC.


I know from first hand experience at SAP that a complicated set of permissions for customers to use with support applications can be problematic and make system upgrades and migrations difficult, not to mention the need to 'train' customers on their use. We will need to balance making the download experience easy with advanced features. So I think a new idea on just that point will make it easier for us to focus the conversation."


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