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Delay Capture of data?

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Here is my problem.  Integrated ITDA into BPPM cells.

We have scripts inside bppm that delays further processing an event into an incident.  Reason being if we have a bouncing circuit for exmaple.  The first time it sends an event to us, we log the event, and see if it clears within 8 minutes, or some other short term maintenance that might last only 5 minutes that our vendor does.  After the 8 minutes have expired, and we didn't receive an event that states that it is closed, we continue processing and open an incident.


The problem now comes with ITDA.  When ITDA polls the data from BPPM it is static, which we would expect it to be.  But we would like it so that it includes that additional processing that has been done, such as the incident number with the event.  I realize we can increase the polling the sizing, the problem being the last 8 minutes before the polling is always going to be wrong still.  We use ITDA to capture and save all of our BPPM data for analysis since we cannot keep it in the production environment without it slowing down, allowing us to keep no more than a weeks worth.


The only thing I could think of is to allow a delay of capture from a log.  So as ITDA reads from a log file it ignores say the first 5 minutes ( user settable)


But I put the full explanation of why I would want the feature because maybe there is something that I'm missing about collecting data from BPPM into ITDA.


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