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Integrate GitHub with ADDM

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GitHub capabilities for code version management, control, auto .ZIP packaging as well as scriptable automation if integrated with ADDM, could dramatically improve TPL development process and deployment.


Is there a way to do this through the ADDM command line at the console level for the VM?


GitHub could drop a TPL .ZIP file at a specific location on the VM's if ADDM could continually check (on a defined periodic cycle) for it and deploy it if found.  Once deployment is done, the deploy package would need to be removed by ADDM, indicating the operation completed and is ready for the next package deploy.


For companies like our that are heavily involved in modeling applications with a high rate of change form week to week, this integration would get us very close to deploy-on-demand with a minimum of human resource impact.  GitHub does a great job of code control and management using check-in, check-out techniques which ADDM does not supply.


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