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Provide a single powerful "Search page/ tab/Advanced search options" for searching data in Remedyforce.

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Remedyforce have multiple search options however lot of them require number of clicks and do not provide required outputs. Staff has to struggle through different  interface to find required data.


Simple scenarios.

  • Issues open for clients for last month.
  • Issues assign to staff in last week.
  • Open and close issues by service.


  1. Search using global search
  • This is slow
  • Goes through number of searches. Say Knowledge articles are always displayed
  • No date filters
  • No other filters\


2. Search by Salesforce search ( one at top)

  • Requires chatter to be enabled. Some companies don’t use chatter
  • Results also required standard tabs to be opened.
  • The Staff has confusing interface
  • Also people may open records in standard forms increasing issues, training needs, confusion



3. Search by reports

  • This requires staff to create report also limitation on data being pulled
  • Also set the access issues reports tab etc
  • Not friendly


4. Search by RemedyForce console (Search field)

  • Limit of 10000 records.
  • No filters
  • Unreliable results as it looks for specific patterns
  1. Search by Incident matching
  • Requires number off clicks.
  • Not an easy search.


5. Quick views /Dashboards

Custom effort and limited flexibility.


Note: There use to be button "Incident for clients" which was good option for searching Incident for clients but it doe not take you to new console form - still customer like this as it is single click option.


Please provide a single master page where staff can search  below by looking at any of these look ups (filters) easily.


Search by status

Search by Client

Search by ticket number

Search by Category

Search by Staff

Search by Queue

Search by Submitted BY

Search by Assigned to

Search by Closed by

Search by "Custom field" say you added department pick list

Search by Subject/short description

Search by Description



Date Opened: Start : end

Date Closed: Start end



Submitted for multiple customers


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