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Replace the flash based FLEX UI in Atrium

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Let´s be honest, I was tempted to create a poll where we could all vote but figured a poll should be created by Product Management.


This idea is about the flash based Flex UI that Atrium uses. I am not sure about others but I am personally having a very hard time with it. It does not work well at all (for me) and never have. Changes are lost or not visible. The browser hangs. The page have to be re-loaded in the middle of working causing all work to be lost. The data presented does not accurately represent what is configured in the back end forms. The back end forms still contain alot of functionality required and needed but are not displayed on in the Flex UI.


Please replace the flash based Flex UI in the entire Atirum with some other visualization technique and platform. Surely there are alot of better options today.


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