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When renaming a Support Group with Data Wizard this should update the Long Group Name in the Group form

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This did not cause an issue in 7.6.04, however there has been a change in the filter SLM:RuleActionNotifier:ExpandToNamesSearchITSMGrp between 7.6.04 and 8.x, this implication of this is that SLM notifications will not be able to resolve the Group if the Long Group Name does not match the combination of Support Company, Support Organization and Support Group:


The Group for the notification is resolved from the ‘Group’ from using the qualification:

'Long Group Name' LIKE $SLA_Notifier_Owners List$


In 7.6.04 this was preceded by one Set Fields Action which set ‘SLA_Notifier_Owners List ‘ to "%->" + $SLA_NotificationAlertTo$


In 8.0.12 an action has been added before this as follows:

Action 1: Look-Up to HPD:Help Desk

‘SLA_Notifier_Owners List’ set to ($Assigned Support Company$ + "->") + $Assigned Support Organization$

Action 2:

‘SLA_Notifier_Owners List ‘ set to $SLA_Notifier_Owners List$ + ("%->" + $SLA_NotificationAlertTo$)


This is a known Limitation which has been Documented in DMT Guide of 8.1, (Page # 1371):



Modifications to a group name using the data wizard also require a manual modification to any concatenated field values on the Group form. For example, if you are changing a group name, you must open the Group form and change the long group name to the new value. If you do not change the long group name, email notifications might not work correctly



We believe that this should be changed so that manual modification is not necessary.


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