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Control which fields are included in search results export to CSV

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Per Dale Willis,

"We have ITDA hooked into TrueSight Operations Management. (bppm).  When doing exports of events, the csv files are huge, because the raw data of an event is huge.  I know there is a way to tell what you want to index from BPPM, but is there a way to ignore certain columns(variables) of data and not just the whole event?  I'm not sure, but I think it is impacting the performance with such huge amounts of raw data when I have to run commands to extract extra information out of it.  Like I said earlier the files are often huge. 22,120 records is 122 MBs.

There are 168 lines of text per an event.    I'm not sure why we don't use half the fields, and if there is a way to turn them off inside of bppm or not, but I do know a lot of them we don't need inside of ITDA."


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